Arriving healthy is how you do it

A problem that we have not paid so much attention to now at Gezondblog are people who, despite endless efforts, do not arrive. While the vast majority of the Netherlands is busy losing weight or maintaining weight, there is also an ever-growing group of people who have difficulty gaining weight quickly and healthily. While many overweight people want to eat unlimited without arriving, it is extremely frustrating for them not to arrive. Especially for them the article ‘ arrive quickly and healthily, that’s how you do it’.

How this article came about

I tried almost all of the methods I wrote about on Gezondblog myself. I would like to test whether something works or not before I write about it. Because I am just someone who wants to lose weight and not arrive … at least I thought that …

Because I have received dozens of e-mails from people who ask me how they can arrive in good health, I started investigating. How do you arrive quickly and healthily? Arriving healthy doesn’t seem to be as easy as I thought. I went looking for the answer.

But arriving healthy proved not so difficult after some research … at least not more difficult than losing weight. Strikingly enough, the ‘healthy weight gain’ does not differ that much from the diets we know to lose weight. You do not want to gain fat, but muscles. You don’t want to arrive unhealthy, but want to arrive healthy. And this comes very close to different methods that I have tested in recent years.

In addition, I did browse the internet to find people who arrived healthy with the method I describe in this article, so that it is somewhat validated in practice. Because no body reacts the same. My theory was endorsed by several people who had successfully arrived.

The Paleo diet to arrive

I am now a real Paleo fan. The diet is the healthiest diet to date and even science endorses it as a very healthy diet. In addition, the Paleo diet can easily be sustained and the results are amazing. Not only because you lose weight quickly or arrive, but especially because it makes you healthier and you feel better about yourself.

The Paleo diet is known as a ‘healthy diet’ and is not intended to lose weight by definition. It is not based on limited calorie intake, but on the consumption of healthy and unprocessed food. The Paleo diet ensures that you get food that is actually full of nutrients. The refined carbohydrates are excluded, which nevertheless cause a lot of misery in our body.

With the Paleo diet you mainly eat proteins and fats and that helps you to arrive healthy. The proteins ensure that your muscle mass remains on arrow or even increases and the fats provide the hormones that are needed to keep your body balanced. The combination of the two also makes it easier for you to get your required calories. For example, eat more nuts. A fantastic combination seems to be Greek Yogurt with nuts and honey. Give it a try as breakfast.

Although this Paleo book is focused on fat loss, it gives you a lot of insight into how the Paleo diet works. You can use the Paleo method in this book. Definitely recommended, because it gives you the basics you need to make the right nutritional decisions. So buy a Paleo book to understand the theory. It’s not complicated, but you just have to know.

Tips to increase your calorie intake

Of course you don’t want to eat nausea every day just to gain a little weight. That is why it is important to think carefully about what you should eat. You should eat the following regularly:

  • Macadamia nuts
  • Banana
  • Eggs
  • Meat fish
  • Vegetables

The nuts in particular can help you to get your calories going. Take a hand with every meal. Also try to eat as varied as possible and ensure that the (healthy) fats are well represented. Try to use the ratio below when compiling your diet:

  • 30% protein
  • 40% Fats
  • max. 30% carbohydrates (from fruit, vegetables, but certainly not from bread or the like)

The breakfast determined is by far the most important meal of the day. Start your day with a hearty breakfast. I myself start every day with 3 eggs and some macadamia nuts and that gives a huge boost to your muscle growth! If you combine it with exercises, of course. Don’t feel like cooking eggs every morning? I use this egg cooker for convenience. Do not take a cheap egg cooker, because then you will get bouncing balls 😉

Weight gain shakes

There are several weight gain shakes on the market that do a good job ( like this one ), but I would mainly use that as a correction tool. You can also make healthy weight gain shakes that are Paleo proof. These often contain banana, avocado, coconut milk and even some nuts. I would be careful with the nuts, because they can ruin the taste considerably 😉

The traditional weight gainers that you buy in a pot provide excellent results but are less healthy. I advise you to bring this weight gainer into your home and use it if you have not received enough protein and you no longer have the ability to eat a large piece of meat or fish.

Training to arrive

Muscles weigh heavier than fat, so training your muscles is a must if you want to gain weight. If you want to arrive fast and healthy, it is important to do exercises that train as many muscle groups as possible at the same time. Good news! You really don’t have to spend hours in the gym. I myself am a huge fan of the Kettlebell workout (read my Kettlebell review ). With a workout of 20 minutes you achieve the same as an hour in the gym. And even better … you can do it at home.


Even if you want to arrive you will find the solution in healthier food. The insidious thing is that the food industry is misleading you with so-called ‘healthy products’ that are very unhealthy. That is why the Paleo diet helps you gain a healthy weight. Whether you have to lose weight or gain weight.