The Immuno aims for an image of independence, professionalism and quality when it comes to providing sports nutrition advice by Immuno sports dietitians to individuals, groups, teams, associations and fellow paramedics. 

Scientific insights should form the basis of the sports nutrition advice by the Immuno sports dietitian. The Immuno wants to be an organisation in which individual sports dietitians feel at home and are also involved in the activities that the immuno organizes. In addition, the Immuno wants to offer the possibility to provide the individual sports dietician with additional training through study days and / or training. We also have reviews in romanian.

Nutrition and Health

More and more knowledge shows us how essential the link between nutrition and health is.

Nutrition And Sport

This allows (sports) dietitians to better and more clearly explain how good sports nutrition advice is structured.

Sport and Food

Nutrients has a major influence on the recovery of muscles and carbohydrate stores and on the prevention of dehydration.

Sports Dietitian

A sports dietitian is trained to provide dietary advice tailored to your sporting activities and goals. also has knowledge of training programs

About Us

Immuno is a young association, founded in 2004, in which sports dieticians have joined forces. The aim of the association is to train sports dietitians, to share knowledge with each other, to monitor the quality of the sports dietitian and to put the sport dietetics course on the map. 

The association organizes at least 1 study day for members each year. The association participates in various multidisciplinary consultative bodies in the field of sport (medicine). 


We work according to the principle of the sports nutrition pyramid developed by the Dutch Association of Sports Dietetics (VSN). This allows (sports) dietitians to better and more clearly explain how good sports nutrition advice is structured. The pyramid shows that good sports nutrition is based on good basic nutrition.

Healthy Basis

The diet of every athlete starts with a healthy basic diet, the bottom layer of the pyramid. If you exercise at a recreational level, you will need a healthy diet in the basic. Whether you exercise for pleasure, to stay fit, to become stronger or to lose weight; a good basic diet is the foundation.


For top athletes, sport supplements can improve performance, provided they are not harmful to health and are not on the doping list. Supplements are the very last step to improve your performance, and there are many supplements on the market that simply do nothing.

Sport-Specific Food

Do you want more, do you want to improve your performance, can train longer at an intensive level or a faster recovery after a heavy effort? Then the basic diet may not be enough and a good sports diet can help you. And we will look at products from the middle layer: the sport-specific food.

It is very pleasant to now answer questions from clients about nutrition with sound knowledge. For me, the nutrition course fits in perfectly with a total body approach and the promotion of well-being of man
Lindsay Bucheress
Sport Dietitian

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